“You don’t need to understand it, you just need to show it.”

Marilee Goldberg’s The Art of the Question summary… Open up!

Ah, the sentence that summed up my bane with sine and cosine back when I was taking Trig as a 8th grader. (Oddly, I never had the same problem with tangent but lest I digress). In later years, this sentence changed to “it doesn’t need to make sense, it’s the process and you need to follow it.”

Messages that are being conveyed with such statements:

Head-down, don’t embarrass yourself by asking questions and holding the rest of the class back, just do — do not think, do not…

YES/NO Question: Are the # of connections representative of feeling a sense belonging?

I asked this question during a #WRBC Lunch and Learn leadership session for a customer. I received a very clear answer of “No” from the participants. When I asked them the difference, my favorite answer was the following:

“You “belong” to someone if you know you can ask them for a favor or anything. It is quality over quantity.“

IOW, a peer or at least someone would be willing to pull a claim check on you and your relationship. In a study on GenZ on Belonging, Ophelia…

Let yourself feel — but do not dwell or mope?

“We are trying to give the world positive ways of dealing with their feelings” said Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers, “The best thing we can do is let people know each one of them is precious.”

We are told on the one hand to mourn the loss of the loved one, yet there is a high expectation to maintain our productivity. Not only from others, but also from ourselves.

Is this healthy? Well?… Probably not but it is this “should” that many of us find ourselves currently in. …

Pretty much overnight, the monumental shift of a large proportion of a company’s workforce is working remotely and being dispersed. Something long-hailed as something that is coming, became our new reality as folks were encouraged / forced to stay home. From my friends I heard examples of how companies quickly responded in non-bureaucratic ways to enable people to do so. For example, sending dedicated IT teams in delivery vans to set-up colleagues with the means to work from home, donating video conferencing access to schools to help offset the transition, coordinating county-wide to ensure that all kids have access to…

Ah, the annual performance review process. A much debated, time-honoured tradition meant to accelerate performance via focused goal-setting, and well, if there is time, constructive feedforward/feedback between an employee and their manager in order to enable motivated employees at peak performance aligned with the company’s overall strategic goals. Whew!

At its core, the performance review process is not a bad idea because it requires a manager and employee to discuss throughout the year:

  • what are the most important things coming up for the employee’s area of responsibility
  • what they need in terms of support to make that happen,
  • then at…

“The real job of a leader is not being in charge but taking care of those in our charge” says Simon Sinek.

Or as I like to say: we hire adults — we need to treat them as such.

What do I mean by that?

Case-in-point: We employ people who are able to negotiate vacation planning with their spouses and kids, who are able to navigate the quagmire of housing, insurance and streaming options: who are able to make choices and decisions and bring their life experience to the door everyday. Their abilities are inherently there — otherwise why would…

As two people-passionate organizational development femmes, Elizabeth Lembke and Anne-Cécile Graber, we set out on a journey to create a framework and a corresponding practical implementation to foster the spirit of co-creation within and across organizations. The end-game goal being empowered teaming to generate adaptive solutions that are not just quick patch-up’s but rather address users’s real needs. We joined together as it is our belief that the inherent potential of people in organizations is not being tapped into as broadly as possible but, rather unfortunately, many are increasingly taking a reductionistic approach to only looking at skills rather than…

Constructive Collaboration for the Win!

Wall Street’s character Gordon Gecko gave an insightful speech “Greed is Good”, highlighting greed as being the evolutionary key to success. For at least 30 years, this philosophy was considered to be a reflection of business practices and drive for profit at any costs. “Privatizing Profits and Socializing Losses” — became more than just a saying, it was practice.

Well, it is time to clear the floor, Gordon. You’ve got biology and evolution wrong.

The narrative around the “Survival of the Fittest” in a dog-eat-dog world, where one leaves emotions at the door to come out on top, proves dangerously…

February 21 · Transforming Talent Insights · Issue #30 · View online

Last week I had the honor of facilitating a meeting with the upper management of an automotive supplier. While many of the topics we covered were about direction, we dialled-in on the topics of WIIFM and WIIFU (aka what does it mean for me/us?), what does success look like and the imperative around clear “why’s”. These questions all led us in the direction of asking:

What is a leader and what is a leader’s role?

It is an important and very timely question as organizations transform, decouple work…

Elizabeth Lembke

Chief Talent Navigator: Passionately transforming work, culture, talents and HR. #transformingtalent #hrimprov #learningmavens #co-creator.space #ldcares

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