Going into Co-Creator.Space — What have we learned on the journey?

As two people-passionate organizational development femmes, Elizabeth Lembke and Anne-Cécile Graber, we set out on a journey to create a framework and a corresponding practical implementation to foster the spirit of co-creation within and across organizations. The end-game goal being empowered teaming to generate adaptive solutions that are not just quick patch-up’s but rather address users’s real needs. We joined together as it is our belief that the inherent potential of people in organizations is not being tapped into as broadly as possible but, rather unfortunately, many are increasingly taking a reductionistic approach to only looking at skills rather than social competence, expertise, learning agility, and technical prowess. These human aspects are key to thriving not only surviving in the new world of work. We saw this as our chance to offer up a different solution. This is why we launched the co-creator.space project.

The co-creator.space project is now almost a year old and we learned many things when it comes to co-creation and launching a different approach into the world. As the year comes to a close, we took some time to reflect on some of those key learnings — perhaps by sharing these, we may help you on your own co-creation journey.

# Be aware of the wolf

# You are more competent than you think

# People who pay, tend to value the things you give more

# You develop competences and skills outside work

# It is always a question of perspective

# A two way relationship is the secret for a lasting one

# If you don’t dare to dream. It won’t happen!

# People will root for you — but you have to show up for yourself.

We are happily continuing our journey to bringing co-creator.space into the world. We are glad to have you along for the ride.



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Elizabeth Lembke

Chief Talent Navigator: Passionately transforming work, culture, talents and HR. www.transformingtalent.co @hrimprov #learningmavens #AMaze2022 EN/DE/Gif