On the Mark: From Performance Reviews to Consultancy

  • what are the most important things coming up for the employee’s area of responsibility
  • what they need in terms of support to make that happen,
  • then at the end of the year, to compare the results with what actually happened throughout the year so that the next round of performance improves/builds on the great things from the previous cycle.
  • Grow and place the right talent for today and tomorrow
  • Development is employee-owned, manager-led and organizationally championed
  • Everyone gets the development they need
  • Deepest learning comes from experiences — diverse, challenging and global are best
  • Development is enabled through honest, personal and purposeful conversations
  • What do you expect of all managers?
  • What do you expect of your manager?
  • Tell me about the best manager you’ve ever had?
  1. “We thought that people would have the same expectations for all managers, their own manager, and the best managers. We were surprised to find that these were completely different.”
  2. “In every group of interviews, conversations were key components of what made managers successful. Managers need to be able to have alignment, growth, and connection based conversations.”
Our way of working has changed — how we approach performance conversations needs to keep pace.



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Elizabeth Lembke

Elizabeth Lembke

Chief Talent Navigator: Passionately transforming work, culture, talents and HR. www.transformingtalent.co @hrimprov #learningmavens #AMaze2022 EN/DE/Gif